Tactical Data Analytics

Hexlitix provides modern customised solutions for tomorrow's data problems.
Through the use of Tactical Data Analytics we can provide the results you need in real time.

A Quantum Wave Solutions product.

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About Us

Quantum Wave Solutions is committed to provide the optimal solutions to your data problems,
delivering those results anytime, anywhere on any device.

Our Story

Experts in the field of data collection, analysis and delivery, the team at Quantum Wave Solutions realise the value in providing a unique and tailored solution to your data and digital needs. This is why we created the Hexlitix solution platform.

With over 10+ years' experience working with law enforcement, security, and intelligence agencies, Hexlitix is a leading-edge data and cyber solutions enterprise. We bridge the gap between cutting edge capability and the platforms to deliver successful outcomes.

Our Philosophy

We work smarter,
to provide the right solutions

Nathan Director

Our Difference

Unlike other big agencies or consultancies, Quantum Wave Solutions is a genuine solution driven company. Our goal is to provide the right solution in a timely fashion to deliver for your needs.

We can do this because every team member has the experience of working in the field with a vast array of capabilities delivering on multiple platforms. We have the right people, skills and knowledge to understand your needs, and how to realise your goals.

Passion leads to design, design leads to performance,
performance leads to success!

Our Services

While specialists in technical collection services, we can work with any technology and capability to process, analyse and deliver the results you need from your data.
Hexlitix is a delivery platform for bulk data of any kind. If you need to ingest, work with or export data, Hexlitix can help you do it more effectively.

Capability Agnostic

If your technology provides data we can ingest it. Our system is designed to read anything and analyse the data to give you the results you need.

Clean & Careful Design

Success is only determined by the results you have. Our clean and concise user experience ensures you get what you need.

Easy Reports

Our platform offers customised exports and reporting of your data to assist you to expedite internal policy.

Customisable Code

Our codebase is designed to give your business a complete customised solution for your needs.

Hosted or Private

Based on your needs we can host your system on our cloud or give you the keys and let you host everything privately.

Ongoing Support

We don't just give you a product, we provide a solution that we continue to develop and support.



Not sure if we can help? Just contact us and ask. Chances are we can deliver a solution for your needs.

Our Latest Work

Clean, elegant and effective,
our solutions deliver what you need.

Clean Design Our platform is designed to be clean and simple
Hexlitix Dashboard Customise for the data you need
Mapping Hexlitix provides mapping to visualise your data
Mapping Analytics Aggregating data to produce heatmaps
Entity List
Entity List Easy lists of your assets/entities
Entity View
Viewing Entities Easily view all entity and related data
Entity Mapping
Entity Mapping Visualise all your location entities at once
Easy Import
Easy Importing Import your data from any source

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We develop software solutions for many different problems. After contacting us we can arrange a meeting to discuss your exact requirements and ensure a solution can be tailored for your exact needs.

Hexlitix a Quantum Wave Solutions product.

Quantum Wave Solutions
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